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KIKO Then and Now

Tuesday - April 14, 2015
Written By: Derek Lann
“Then and now”, three simple words when spoken invoke visions of generations past and the foundations laid for future success.  These words exemplify the philosophy and moral fortitude that molded KIKO Auctioneers and Realtors into the industry leader they are today.  From humble beginnings in 1945 to today, the company has experienced unprecedented growth.  For over seven decades KIKO has been a family-owned auction company and real estate brokerage specializing in bringing buyers and sellers together through their “expert” approach, customer-first focus, and diverse portfolio of marketing capabilities. Since the founder Russell T. Kiko conducted auctions on the family farm with the help of his wife,Coletta, and their 13 children, to KIKO today, conducting over 1,100 auctions per year with over a hundred sales associates and staff; the company is built on a foundation of honesty and integrity and provides the highest ethical standards and professionalism to their clients and community.
Now in the third generation of family ownership, KIKO continues to lead the auction and real estate industries with deeply rooted core values that guide both strategic decisions and the daily behavior of every employee. These values - integrity, collaboration and family – are the standards by which KIKO conducted business in the past and will continue to do so in the future. KIKO’s rich heritage laid a foundation of strong traditions and as the company expands their business, they will continue to look to their history of hard work and dedication as the building blocks for a successful future.  Spanning the years, the “Then and Now” mantra represents the journey of a company from humble beginnings into the industry leader that has been driven by a strong moral foundation and nurtured through the generations.
KIKO converts assets into cash and offers more options than any other auction or real estate company in the business.  KIKO strives to continuously diversify their marketing and go-to market capabilities in order to offer their clients a portfolio of customized solutions to reach their goals.  Today, the KIKO family of brands has grown to include: KIKO Auctions, KIKO Real Estate, KIKO Premier Auctions, KIKO Commercial, KIKO Agriculture and KIKO Online Auctions. For more information on the company or out how their award winning team can assist you with your buying or selling needs, call 330-455-9357, in Dover 330-343-7355, or visit their website at www.kikocompany.com